Children’s Literature Council of Southern California – CLCSC

It’s November 2022 already!  Please vote!

As I wind down this blog. . .

I realized that I never wrote about one of the best things to come about because of writing this library journey blog. . .  back in May 2019 I was invited to be part of the Children’s Literature Council of Southern California – CLCSC – as a Board Member.  I had never heard of them before, and maybe you haven’t either? Here, let me help you learn about them, er, us! 

The Children’s Literature Council of Southern California, CLCSC, is . . . (according to the 

Council History on the CLCSC website) “a non-profit organization that promotes greater interest in literature for children and young people and encourages excellence in the production and selection of books in that field. The work of the Council is accomplished through the cooperative effort of its members who include school and public librarians, teachers, authors, illustrators, publishers, booksellers, parents, and others interested in children’s and young adult literature. This diversity means that members share a wealth of expertise.”

And after spending a few years around so many amazing literature-loving people, I can assure you that that description is true.

Being part of the CLCSC Board has opened up my world. I had no idea that so many authors and illustrators were from Southern California! (And the rest of the world, frankly.)  

In November 2019 I got to attend the Awards Ceremony (called the Fall Gala back then) in person.

I got to spend time with all of those authors and illustrators in person, including the Keynote Speaker, Javaka Steptoe (whom I had met briefly in July 2017 at the Baldwin Hills Branch of LAPL).

You, yes you! can become a member too! You can even buy a ticket come to this year’s Awards Ceremony 2022 in person in Pasadena, Saturday afternoon on November 12th to help support Southern California authors and illustrators! I will be wearing a mask. You can meet people too! You, too, can also be inspired by children’s literature. 

The last two years, (2020 with keynote speaker Oge Mora, and 2021 with keynote speaker Deborah Heiligman — see Past Events) the Fall Gala/Awards Ceremony were over Zoom. They were great virtual gatherings (and honestly I wish our upcoming 2022 Awards Ceremony was hybrid!)

Check out some of the pictures from last year . . .

And 2020 . . .

So, the CLCSC Our Mission is: “The Children’s Literature Council of Southern California, established in 1961, is a non-profit organization of librarians, educators, authors, illustrators, and book lovers, creating a community that connects, celebrates, and supports all those involved with the creation and promotion of children’s and young adult literature.”

Please join us in celebrating and supporting this amazing community. 

And please, continue frequenting your local public libraries!  Riley and I go at least once a month to various neighborhood branches to pick up a new stack of books to discover. She’s also lucky that her public school has a school library she visits weekly. . .

Did I mention that this first grader is starting to read to me now? It’s amazing. I’m so lucky to be her mom. Here she is, reading her school’s library book.

Thank you, libraries.

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