Starting to Read

My daughter Riley just turned 6 years old in March.

She’s in her last few months of Kindergarten — and is starting to read.

Let me repeat that.

She is starting to read! And write!

I could cry with happiness. (Thank you to her Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Pursel!)


When I started writing this Public Library Journey blog five years ago, Riley had just turned 1 year old.


I was working part time then, and had the luxury of help from my mom — and free days to trek her across Los Angeles to every LAPL branch, in order of branch number (01-72).

These last five years took us to every part of LA and to every LAPL branch and Central Library.  We are so lucky to have had the opportunities to do such a fun adventure. We hope to inspire you to do the same in your neighborhood or city.

What’s even better, is that today, Riley is finding joy in books. And really anything with any sort of print.

She asks me to read to her while we’re doing other things. . .

It’s like experiencing magic happen. . . to watch your child gain a superpower like reading and writing. Literacy (reading and writing) is such a gift, and definitely a superpower.

Here’s to celebrating all forms of children’s literacy, and to every author and illustrator (the list goes on. . .) who make these moments happen.  And of course, thank you to our public libraries.

Thank you for inspiring my kid to enjoy the very beginning of her literacy journey.

She’s just getting started! And there are so many libraries in the world.

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