Book Bundles To Go! Library To Go Bags


The Los Angeles Public Library, LAPL, is amazing. You can place holds on books online, and when the books are ready, you go and pick them up in a bag with your name on it, at the closest open library branch (that you choose)!

Seriously. It’s that easy.


All you have to do is browse through the book catalogues. . . . and place holds on books at Library To Go . . . and then go pick them up after you’ve made an appointment time and day (once the holds are ready after about a week).

Or for the younger crowd (PreK-2nd grade), you can get a Book Bundle To Go (I picked “Surprise Me!’ as the category because I wanted the librarians to pick the 5 book bundle at random) . . .


So why haven’t you checked out any physical books during Covid? Yes, you can read e-books, or listen to audiobooks. But isn’t holding a book in your hand just the best? Pick out some books (or have librarians surprise you with their picks) from the digital shelves today- and go pick them up in person next week.

We’ve missed browsing the shelves in person and looking at books put out on display by librarians while physical libraries are closed, but with Book Bundles To-Go it feels like we’re getting a little bit of that library magic again. Going to pick up the bag of mysterious books is the best gift you’ll get all week. And you can do it every week!


Thank you libraries and librarians! (Similar sidewalk services are available at LA County Libraries as well!)

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