Access Books

This is a special post, not about a local public library branch, but about volunteers who make public school libraries a place children want to go. Many public school libraries in California are in need of books, let alone books that kids want to read.

Access Books California came to one of the elementary schools where I work this month. Access Books is an organization that is dedicated to improving school libraries — with books, murals and inspiration!



We were so lucky to have Becky and Belisa (among many others!) come one Saturday, in part thanks to Janet our school librarian, who got things rolling.


A group of volunteers, students, staff, administration, parents and teachers, showed up early one weekend morning in North Hollywood to unload and catalog books.  And even paint the library with vibrant colors!

Honestly, the library was needing love, and the Access Books volunteers delivered and then some.

Learn more about Access Books and find out how you can volunteer to help bring love to a local public school library.


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