Montrose Library

Montrose Branch Library



We visited the Montrose Branch Library of the the Glendale Libraries Art and Culture department! (It’s actually called the Montrose-Crescenta Branch Library on the sign — but I think Glendale dropped the Crescenta part online since people get it confused with the LA County La Cresecenta Library Branch which is not part of the Glendale Libraries Art and Culture)…

I picked Riley up from preschool and we drove to the library.  It’s becoming part of our routine again.

When we arrived at the Montrose Branch, we immediately gravitated toward the Art Cart, which was out for children to use that evening.

There were lots of kids and adults around doing homework and working on computers or just reading in a chair. We ended up at a bench to do some crafting.

The arts and crafts supplies were great!

Riley got very serious about her creations. . .

Thank you Montrose Branch Library!

We continued the crafting once we got home, we were so inspired from our visit! Definite thanks to the librarian who put out the art cart. . .


Riley had picked out a couple of books and we are enjoying them in the car and in the house. . . but we read a different one to Max that night (can you believe Maximus Twinkle has been part of our family for one year already!?)


Here’s to all public libraries. Especially ones in your own neighborhood like this one. We will be back, Montrose Branch.

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