La Crescenta Library

Happy 2020! Here’s to more library adventures this year!


We now live so close to the La Crescenta Library, a Los Angeles County Library branch, that it was well past time to write a small blog post about it.



Riley and I visited our local library branch to check out some books after preschool one day this week.


We checked out the books with CDs for the car. . . and found one she wanted, about dinosaurs.

We took a few picture books that were out on display, and picked a couple random ones from the shelves. We like to play book lottery, because we always win and we always discover new books to love (and old ones we want to check out again).

Thank you LA County Libraries!  We love living in La Crescenta-Montrose area, the northern part of Glendale (actually called the Balcony of Southern California). And we can’t wait to explore the Glendale libraries (and Pasadena libraries)- which we will have to write about on another day. Besides visiting more LA County Libraries as well of course. . .


More adventures are on their way. Go out and get a local library card! There are so many public libraries to explore. Make 2020 a year of library visits!






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