Library Week 2018

Happy National Library Week, or as I call it, Happy Normal Week! I hope everyone is getting a chance to visit their local library branch, or at least check out some resources online. I haven’t been able to visit the next branch (# 32) yet due to scheduling conflicts. . .but my daughter and I will get there soon!

Since it is Library Week – I have to point out that it has been a year since this blog, Public Library Journey A-Z Baby and Me, got started. My daughter went from 12 months old to 24 months old during this last year. She has changed and grown so much.  The pictures above and below are from a year ago at the very beginning of our journey at Central Library (I call it Branch #0). We then visited Branch #1, then Branch #2, then Branch #3 and so on up to Branch #31 so far . . and we will continue until we reach Branch #72!






Seriously, what’s better than gaining a sense of community by visiting every branch of LAPL? Listen to City Librarian John F. Szabo when he talks about how libraries transform lives: listen to everyone share their stories about where the library will lead you.

I love Los Angeles, and I love Los Angeles Public Libraries. Happy Library Week 2018! Take someone you love to the library, and watch them (and you) transform.



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