Read Across America

This week is Read Across America here in the United States. March 2nd is Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)’s birthday, and it is often celebrated as Read Across America Day.

Going on this public library journey of visiting all our local libraries in Los Angeles (in numerical order) has introduced my daughter Riley to hundreds of books and so many amazing people. The pictures above and below are from some reading, coloring and snack time today.

The featured picture at the top is was from April 2017 at the Central Library during National Library Week (we were answering, how does the library transform your life?). The below picture is from a story time reading from Andrea J. Loney at Eagle Rock Branch Library last August.


Riley tries to make friends at every branch we have visited. . . (we have visited 28/72!) The below picture is from last July at Baldwin Hills Branch Library for a reading from Javaka Steptoe.


We have checked out hundreds of books. And we are going to check out hundreds more. . . Actually I don’t know how many books we’ve checked out — but it is a lot!

So, celebrate this Read Across America week by going into your public library and checking out a book to read aloud to your child. In fact, just read aloud anything that interests you – read a recipe from a cookbook out loud to your child! Read a magazine out loud . . . read the employment ads at the back of a newspaper. It can be anything. Show kids how fun reading can be. Let them check out any book they want, there is no age limit for picture books or any kind of book as long as they want it!

Then, this Sunday, March 4, 2018 is the 30th Annual Stay Home and Read A Book Ball!  What a great way to start off March. Stay home and read. My favorite kind of day.

Also, one way to end February’s Black History Month is to read about how librarians are working to preserve an early 20th century L.A. African American newspaper. And then check out books from LAPL and books that are listed on sites such as We Need Diverse Books.

Thanks for all of the amazing resources, LAPL. See you soon at the next branch on our journey – Branch 29! Happy reading, everyone (even if it’s a miniature book like Riley has below).


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