LAPL made 2017 bearable

The Los Angeles Public Library system made 2017 bearable. Thank you, LAPL. You gave me and my daughter hope during times that felt hopeless. We are looking forward to visiting many more branches in 2018! This year is going to be even better.  Next up is Branch 26!

We wanted to thank Neale Stokes for interviewing us last year and for posting such a lovely piece on the LAPL blog page: This Mom Is Visiting All 73 Library Branches.

Remember, the Winter Reading Challenge is going on until January 15, 2018! You can even win a membership to Discovery Cube.

Here’s to a wonderful New Year and an amazing continued journey to all of the children’s sections in the Los Angeles Public Library system (Central Library or what I call Branch 00 all the way up to Branch 72!).  I hope we inspire others to visit their local libraries in 2018 and beyond. There are so many books, activities, programs, collections, resources and people in your community to discover.

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