17 Jefferson – Vassie D. Wright Memorial Branch Library

17 Jefferson Branch

In South Los Angeles, next to Leslie N. Shaw Park, is the lovely Jefferson – Vassie D. Wright Memorial Branch Library. This branch, number 17, named in honor of Vassie D. Wright, founder of the first Black History celebration in Los Angeles in 1949, celebrated 100 years in 2015! What a great library.

We were immediately welcomed by the friendly and helpful librarians and staff as we made our way to the children’s section.

Since Riley and I arrived at the library tired (no nap for this 17 month old toddler!) and hot (the weather was very warm this week due to a heat wave) we were quite happy for the cool book oasis.

The Young Adult librarian (whose name escapes me since I’ve waited all week to write this, I blame the 100F weather) kindly showed us some history of the library and shared some of its past with us (including several fires and renovations).  She then showed us where the play kitchen toys were in the children’s section. . .

Fittingly, we found two books about kids not wanting to nap. . . perfectly displayed for a weary parent. It is almost like the librarians knew us personally.


However, Riley was running on empty and only wanted to play until she completely ran out of steam.

So, once our energy levels were sapped, we closed the books and checked them out.

We met the library manager as we left, and chatted for a bit about the start of the new school year . . . and then walked next door to the pretty Leslie N. Shaw park. For a hot minute. Literally. It was too hot to stay outside.

We got some great books, thanks to the selections out above the shelves. First was Naptastrophe! by Jarrett J. Krosoczka and Naptime by Iris De Moüy.

Riley liked both books about naps. . . Naptastrophe! made her shake her head no when I asked if she was ready for a nap. . .

And Naptime had great animals in it. . .

The next two books were Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Maria Frazee and Life on Mars by Jon Agee. Stars was beautifully illustrated. . .


Life on Mars had fun pictures too. . .


The last book we had taken home was the beautiful story, Pandora by Victoria Turnbull. It is a story about nature, friendship and hope.

We are so lucky to have so many public libraries that offer shelter from the weather and inspiration for our souls.

In light of nature, friendship and hope. . .consider helping others in severe weather find some inspiration by donating to those needing some library love affected by Hurricane Harvey. Many Houston, Texas libraries (and many other areas) will be needing to replace books that were damaged or lost in the wake of the storm.




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