Detour to Edgartown Public Library on Martha’s Vineyard

Edgartown Public Library


So we happen to be on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, and of course had to stop at one of the local libraries on the island. There are six public libraries of Massachusettes Libraries here we found out! It is part of the Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing CLAMS network.

img_1035We went to the one we could walk to, so it was luckily Edgartown Public Library. What a great library – I am so glad we stopped in.

It is a rather new library, and it is truly beautiful. There is an entire wing for the children’s section.

We lucked out and met an artist who was visiting that day, Michael Albert – doing cereal box art. We even got to take home a few of his signed posters! Maybe he will visit Los Angeles libraries in the future?

We also chatted with two great librarians, Debby who recently celebrated 40 years as a librarian on the island — and Elyce who started a book donation program, putting books in waiting rooms all over Martha’s Vineyard.  Elyce says that there’s no app for a lap to read paper books in. . . Riley agrees.


Riley loved meeting all of the kids and playing with the vast toy selection. We were able to get a library card as an island visitor and check out a few books.

We got Over On The Vineyard Count and Sing Around Martha’s Vineyard written by Rebecca J. Loescher and illustrated by Judith Pfeiffer.

Riley’s grandma Pam, Mimi, read some to her on the porch after we got back to the house.

We got Jump Rope Rhymes for Vineyard Kids by Liz Cornell and illustrated by William Blakesley.

Lastly, we got Chappaquiddick Lullaby story and song by Stacy Elizabeth Hall, illustrated by Judith Pfeiffer and CD by Kate Taylor and Taylor Brown.


There are a bunch of fun things for kids to do this summer at the library.

Next time you’re on vacation, consider visiting the local library.


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