Library Recap of Branches 01 through 10

You guys, we’ve been to ten branches of the L.A. Public Library system! Pretty exciting.

It all started at Central Library in downtown Los Angeles. We then went to the branches: 01 Benjamin Franklin; 02 Lincoln Heights; 03 Pio Pico-Koreatown; 04 Vernon; 05 Arroyo Seco; 06 Exposition Park; 07 Junipero Serra; 08 Echo Park; 09 San Pedro; and 10 Wilmington.  And no, I have no idea why the branches are numbered in the way they are. . . that is a mystery we have yet to solve.

This journey has been so much fun with my daughter. She has already grown from crawling to walking.  And what’s great, is that it has only just begun. I mean, we do have a lot more (62 more) branches to visit. . . She will be running and speaking in sentences by the time we finish.


That’s right. Sixty-two. We have so many books to discover!!!!! We have so many librarians to meet! We have so many children’s sections to discover.


And, happy Pride month! You can watch a talk with RuPaul on June 25th and lots of other celebrations all month long.


Thanks for joining us so far.  Now, go visit your local library and check out some books.

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  1. Branches are numbered by how they entered the system. As small cites joined the City of Los Angeles , their library buildings also became incorporated. Which explains why it seems so random.

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