Authors . . . AND . . . Illustrators

In looking back over my postings. . . I have to say, I’m a bit ashamed of myself. Even with training from years of watching Reading Rainbow as a kid and listening to Levar Burton always introduce books by naming the author AND illustrator — I’ve neglected to include any illustrator names in the posts.

I apologize, illustrators.


Without the images in picture books, picture books would not be picture books. Children’s books would just not be as magical. There would be no wordless picture books! Gasp. (However, I do love The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak but you get the . . . picture.)

Honestly, it’s because I was lazy. By the time I get to writing any of these posts I’m so tired from getting the baby to sleep that I was cutting corners. I admit it! But I’ll do better. Authors AND illustrators are equally important.

Thank you for making the books that I love so much. Riley thanks you too — she looks at every single detail in the pictures, drawings, photographs, illustrations, paintings . . . you are helping shape her world.

Happy Children’s Book Week!

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  1. I love following your journey through libraries which opens up the world of books to other families

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