03 Pio Pico – Koreatown Branch Library (피오 피코 코리아타운 도서관)

03 Pio Pico – Koreatown

Only in Los Angeles will Koreatown’s library be named after Pio Pico who was the last governor of Alta California (now the State of California) under Mexican rule. . . and you can get Korean BBQ down the street.


Our friend Kendra joined us on this leg of our journey and took the photo above. You can see her below showing books to Riley. Thanks for joining us, Kendra! You can meet the amazing Kendra at The Getty Villa for Making Scents of Ancient Rome on Saturdays and Sundays through the end of the month. Poetry month and perfumes – a great combination.


As it happens in libraries, kids attract kids, and Riley was drawn to the other youngsters in the children’s section. You can see her smiling at them. She was less interested in the books we had to offer her, but wanted to see what the little girl was reading. And of course the little girl offered to read to her! Even the girl’s brother got interested and joined them. My heart grew three sizes. . .


We ended up taking home an Elephant & Piggie book A Big Guy Took My Ball! by Mo Willems.  I like the simple graphic novel style. We also took home A Chair For My Mother by Vera R. Williams.  Such a loving family story.  Both are honor awards winners!

Because board books are still a hit at the moment, we got Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering by Ruth Spiro and Little You by Richard Van Camp. When I searched for these two in the LAPL catalog to link them here, they didn’t come up – so I wonder if not all board books are catalogued? In any case, I’m glad I could link you to A Mighty Girl where I get lots of ideas about books to check out.


Another fun outing to the library. And you know what’s also fun? We can return any book we check out from any LAPL branch library — to any other branch! Pretty amazing. So convenient. . . and not everyone knows that.


Also, not only is it Poetry Month, but remember to visit your local library for Día during April as well!

Read all the books! And as Nikki Giovanni says:

The welcoming smile of my librarian
The anticipation in my heart
All those books — another world — just waiting
At my fingertips.

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  1. I love that you’re doing this! I’ve worked for LAPL since my own daughters were babies (they’re both grown up and married now…how did that happen???) and sharing my love of libraries and children’s books with them was always a joy. Let me know when you get to 39 Panorama City!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and find it very interesting, but as a mother and a librarian, may I make the suggestion that you blur the faces of the other children in your photos. I am sure that the families of these children are not aware that their pictures are being posted online for the world to see.

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