02 Lincoln Heights Branch Library

02 Lincoln Heights

Lincoln Heights is where we live, so this is a special library. It’s a twenty minute walk from our house with a twenty pound baby wrapped to me. . . so sometimes we drive, which takes three minutes. It is Los Angeles, isn’t it?

One day we’ll ride bikes, like Joe Bray-Ali does (we saw him twice from our car near the library and waved but he was busy not getting hit by cars while riding his bike). The reason I bring up Joe, is that his City Council campaign is to bring pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements to the North Figueroa corridor.  We will be safer when walking to the library! (Go out and vote on May 16th, Angelinos!)

Anyway, back to libraries. The Lincoln Heights Branch Library is the second oldest library branch in the LAPL system, and even had an outdoor reading garden back in the day. Thanks Andrew Carnegie! The Lincoln Heights branch is a Historic-Cultural Monument.

Walking up to the front of this branch is quite impressive. The picture above, is of Riley and the book Flora and the Peacock by Molly Idle. Wordless books are really fun with kids. You can make up your own dialogue.


We picked out a few books, including one full of nursery songs, Sing With Me by Naoko Stoop. It’s sweet.

The librarians are definitely influencing our choices since I seem to be grabbing books out on display. This is what you do with a baby. Right? Maybe it’s just me.


I really liked the book we took home Little Bitty Friends by Elizabeth McPike because it’s a beautiful book about kids and animals that rhymes.

We got Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes since it was a full moon that night. And who hasn’t thought that the moon was a dish of milk?


The one that made my husband think of one of his old cats was the book, Missing Jack by Rebecca Elliott.  Learning about life and death may be a bit premature for our twelve month old, but it is part of life. And this book was very gentle.


I promise I cleaned the spine where she was teething. She’s learning not to eat everything she sees. . .

We have yet to go to Children’s Storytime on Wednesdays at 4pm because it’s right when I get home from work, but we’ll get there this summer! Or maybe at one of the next seventy branches we visit.

I have yet to really use the LAPL online resources either but it’s good to know how much is available – hint, there is a lot of free content to access. The Los Angeles Public Library system is amazing! A M A Z I N G.


I promise not all of the books we check out will be about cats. Well, not all of them. . . we do have four furry friends at our home.

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