LAPL Journey through the children’s sections

My name is Megan. On March 12, 2017 (a few weeks before my daughter turned one year old), I got a great idea while reading tweets. Wouldn’t it be great to visit every children’s section of every branch (72 branches plus Central Library!) of the Los Angeles Public Library, LAPL? I don’t know if anyone else has done this, or is doing this, but here we are. I decided to do it – and take my daughter Riley with me. A to Z Baby and Me: Our Journey with Books. Or something like that. . .


Join us on our public library journey as we visit every LAPL branch in order of branch number.


3 thoughts on “LAPL Journey through the children’s sections

  1. Hi Megan, What an aspiring movement you are starting with you and your baby! I hope to see you and Riley soon!
    -Veronica (Children’s Librarian, LAPL Donald – Bruce Kaufman Brentwood Branch)
    PS-We have Baby/Toddler Storytimes every Wednesday at 10:30AM at the Donald – Bruce Kaufman Brentwood Branch.

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