LAPL Journey through the children’s sections

My name is Megan. On March 12, 2017 (a few weeks before my daughter turned one year old), I got a great idea while reading tweets. Wouldn’t it be great to visit every children’s section of every branch (72 branches plus Central Library!) of the Los Angeles Public Library, LAPL? I don’t know if anyone else has done this, or is doing this, but here we are. I decided to do it – and take my daughter Riley with me. A to Z Baby and Me: Our Journey with Books. Or something like that. . .


Join us on our public library journey as we visit every LAPL branch in order of branch number.



  1. Hi Megan, What an aspiring movement you are starting with you and your baby! I hope to see you and Riley soon!
    -Veronica (Children’s Librarian, LAPL Donald – Bruce Kaufman Brentwood Branch)
    PS-We have Baby/Toddler Storytimes every Wednesday at 10:30AM at the Donald – Bruce Kaufman Brentwood Branch.

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